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Whether Chinese, Japanese, American, or whatever – one question is common to all man – agers: “How does one identify excellent management?” Harvard Business School, one of the world’s top addresses for higher education in economics, offers a straight answer: “Achieving maximum impact with minimum effort.” For a master of martial arts, this should not be a problem: With one single movement he or she can send an opponent to the ground – minimal effort with maximum effect. Management can learn a lot from the martial arts, as both have much in common.


Can you imagine that sales strategy and boxing have the same fundamentals? Yes: the straight! It is the shortest way from A to B or to a knock-out in the ring. Not a fast knock-out necessarily, but the step-by-step adaptation of Far Eastern fighting techniques. That is the goal of GTS, the Gehlen Team System developed specifically for this purpose. In GTS the Winner’s Principle® is the key to success. Over 20 years of tailor-made courses for managers, teams and individuals are our proof of power. In a sportive way one learns to put the Winner’s Principle to practice. GELONG DAO®, Chinese for “the way of the fighting dragon” and a form of mixed martial arts and self-defense developed by me, conveys the message*. The added advantage of being better able to defend yourself physically by the conclusion of a course makes it especially useful.


May I cordially invite you to this experience!

Gelong Dao® – Gehlen Team System®

Gelong Dao® ist ein von Alfred Gehlen entwickeltes Selbstverteidigungssystem, das Elemente jahrhundertealter fernöstlicher Kampftechniken und […]

Alfred Gehlen

Alfred Gehlen and his Gehlen Team International (GTI) associates have been working with business clients for more than 25 years. Top or middle management clients have been exposed to and benefited from his martial art based courses, which are available as team or private coachings.


Alfred Gehlen started Taekwondo when he was a boy. Today he holds the 7th Dan grand master degree. He has been German champion twice, five times runner-up and twelve times federal state champion. He bears black belts in the martial arts of Doce Pares Escrima und in Hayastan Grappling and has been one of the very few member of the most honorable „United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame“ since 2005. Alfred Gehlen has designed his own Gelong Dao® martial art style. Also, he invented the coordination and concentration training method Neirobic® and holds other patents, too.

As the owner of both GTI and the Terrassen Café Hotel in Bad Münder, Alfred Gehlen is a business man and entrepreneur himself.

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