Teambuilding and Motivational Trainings

The strengths of a company are grounded in the willingness of its employees to stand together and cooperate. The Gelong Dao® martial arts system has proven to promote team spirit, collective performance and other corporate success factors. Our team trainings are designed as experience events which forge a bond between their participants, because it is the team’s feeling of togetherness which makes them cope with challenges or unexpected outdoor tasks requiring creativity to be successful. Such unique experiences increase motivation and establish or sustain a strong collective spirit.

Act to Win

This seminar is targeted at mixed teams of executives and their team members. They are […]

High Performance

In diesem Seminar entwickeln verschiedene Teams jeweils eine eigene Kampfkunst-Show und führen diese vor. Ihrer […]

Mission Success

Individual teams produce their own action films in the course of this seminar. Visions, the […]

“Kick off” Class

This course is apt to convey powerful messages to employees and management executives whose fighting […]

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