Courses for sales managers

Like the ancient Samurai warriors, self-confident sales managers ought to have “a fighter’s heart” when coping with the daily challenges of their profession. In our sales-related courses, we teach and practise the “winner’s principle” alongside the apparent parallels between Asian martial arts traditions and effective strategies when competing for customers and sales channels.

The “Bushido” sales person

Sales people face multiple challenges every day: they are expected to acquire new clients and […]

The “Samurai” sales manager

At this level, a sales manager can be best described with the historical Samurai fighter, […]

Location, dates, individual classes

Our courses are usually held in Bad Münder, a classical health resort. We recommend convenient […]

Customer Relationship by Gelong Dao®

Cooperation between businesses and clients very much depend on good personal relations, particularly in rough […]

Highly qualified coaches

In the sportive phases of our courses, the participants benefit from the wide experience of […]

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