Whether Chinese, Japanese, American, or whatever – one question is common to all man – agers: “How does one identify excellent management?” Harvard Business School, one of the world’s top addresses for higher education in economics, offers a straight answer: “Achieving maximum impact with minimum effort.” For a master of martial arts, this should not be a problem: With one single movement he or she can send an opponent to the ground – minimal effort with maximum effect. Management can learn a lot from the martial arts, as both have much in common.


Can you imagine that sales strategy and boxing have the same fundamentals? Yes: the straight! It is the shortest way from A to B or to a knock-out in the ring. Not a fast knock-out necessarily, but the step-by-step adaptation of Far Eastern fighting techniques. That is the goal of GTS, the Gehlen Team System developed specifically for this purpose. In GTS the Winner’s Principle® is the key to success. Over 20 years of tailor-made courses for managers, teams and individuals are our proof of power. In a sportive way one learns to put the Winner’s Principle to practice. GELONG DAO®, Chinese for “the way of the fighting dragon” and a form of mixed martial arts and self-defense developed by me, conveys the message*. The added advantage of being better able to defend yourself physically by the conclusion of a course makes it especially useful.


May I cordially invite you to this experience!

Gehlen Team International