Courses for executive managers

At Gehlen Team International, we apply martial arts as a method to promote successful management principles beyond merely cognitive learning paths because we include a unique physical experience. On the one hand, leaders and managers are expected to serve as examples and provide orientation; in this capacity, they are expected to combine analytical skills with target orientation and the willingness to make decision. On the other hand, they ought to be able to remain composed and self-confident in critical circumstances. The combination of these aspects has been the core of Asian martial arts training for many centuries. Our courses have proven to be a source of inspiration within the management routine, paving the way to meet new business challenges successfully.

The “Black Belt Manager” – Basic

There are obvious parallels between traditional martial arts and modern management. They become apparent when […]

The “Black Belt Manager” Advanced

With the level one experience in mind, the participants are introduced to the key insights […]

The “Black Belt Manager” Master

On this advanced level, focus is given on understanding crises as sources of creativity. The […]

The female “Black Belt Manager”

Women have to cope with specific challenges when trying to achieve job promotion and success […]

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