„Team Olympics”

The „Team Olympics“ are a team competition with games emphasizing the core elements of cooperation.


„Closing ranks”, supporting one another, joint problem-solving, developing creative solutions within a team and putting them into action together and eventually enjoying the corporate success.

The „Team Olympics“ are a team event which transports these values and is a lot of fun.


Contents of the seminar
In the competitive scope of “Team Olympics”, the participants learn about the crucial factors of good team work which make teams work in various fields. The teams try to win in a fair competition. At the end, there is a joint analysis of the most promising ways to success.
Objective of the seminar
Based on their own team performance, the team members comprehend the criteria which actually led to success. Also, they understand that defeats can finally lead to positive change. Winning and losing have to be learned.



– Positive approach to team work
– Coping with winning and losing
– Having fun as a group
– Substantial understanding of team work
– Awareness of the power and impact of teams



Gehlen Team International